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Deeonez – Deeonez Gamez|Game Studio

Ordinary people somehow try to fit in this world, But Great human beings try to make the world as big as they are

DeeOneZ Games

About Us

Deeonez is an independent game studio that intends to introduce a new genre of video games to the market

Besides giving the player an awesome and pleasurable experience while gaming, we want to advise the player on how their brains work, what their talents are and information their personalities, and how they can be used this in their everyday life using the behavior they have shown in the game. This could make the games more immersive, making every choice consequential and more enjoyable of all players. We believe that playing is one of the best ways to recognize a person's personality and talents, and this has been proven in terms of psychology

Moon Light Cafe

Moonlight Cafe is a story for everyone. The ones who have a dream or don't have one. This is the story of people who strive to achieve their dream and find themselves along the way. This is the story of the people who make the world, and the story of those who go a step further and create a new world to achieve their dreams. This isn't the story of people who are just going to be onlookers. Ultimately, It's a message for everyone to get involved and if you have a dream, take the first step to see how the world responds to you, and if you have no dream, join the people who have one helping them fulfill their longlasting dream, or start dreaming and making it happen.

This is Jean Paul


Game Concept

.This is the story of Jean Paul

The main character of the game is a schoolboy who has a dream and symbolizes all the people who dream and do not give up trying to achieve it.

The game is basically psychological that besides experiencing awesome and exciting gameplay, is about the human unconscious, this is a psychological issue which we try to express it by inventing a beautiful art which is so meaningful, and showing the player indirectly that for changing the world and creating a new world, they should change something inside themselves

Genre and Look

MoonLight Cafe is a story driven - adventure - platformer game. The basic look is psychological science drama that have Dark Mystery feel with Sci-fi realistic visual style



Said by Dr. works after playing Moonlight Cafe

Gaming is like smoking which gives you just excitement, but moonlight cafe is a healthy smoking, which gives you more than excitement, it tells you something about you!

Giddo,the astronaut to jean Paul

the crown of human flourishing is a point where self‐ indulgence takes you to a degree that achieving your dream paves the way for others to benefit from it

Dr. works, the psychologist to jean Paul

When you have a dream and you want to achieve it, you should find the need behind that dream, because you should choose the right way to satisfy the need, so you should discover your unconscious .











Concept Art


Concept Art